Heaven and Sin City

Pat and I just returned from visiting ying and yang of the Southwest: Zion National Park and Las Vegas.
Despite the freak snowstorm at Zion, it is the most beautiful place that we have visited so far. Will definitely go back.

On our way to Vegas, we stopped at the valley of fire state park in Nevada, would like to go back here also.

Las Vegas on the other hand,....not our thing. I can say it was neat to see some of the hotels that I have seen on TV and now I can cross that off my list. If I had to go back, the one place we would go is the Bellagio hotel/buffet. Amazing.

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Dreams and Skunks and a vacation


Had another weird micro dream on the train a few weeks ago.
There was a man laying on the beach-not sure who-. I was given a close up view of his arm which had a very brightly colored almost metallic looking tattoo. In the center of it was a word, before I could read it, a stick was placed in the center of the tattoo and his arm turned to sand!


There is a skunk living very close to my building almost every night it lets us know it is around via stink. Not very happy
What purpose does a skunk have?


It is not until Feb but we are going to NM!! Very Excited the pictures I have seen so far makes it look very magical!
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Micro Dream

Again sitting on the train this morning, I must have fallen asleep for 2 seconds (even though it really seemed like I was awake). I was in a old fashioned train, there were 3 asian women sitting on wooden chairs reading and instead of doors between cars there was fabric (curtain style) dividers.

It was so real. Interesting!

The other night had a nightmare :(
The ghost told me not to fall asleep,I would not wake up. Woke up scared afraid to fall asleep :(
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Sitting on the train on my way home today, I had my eyes closed and I was thinking about photography,....then for an instant I had no thoughts running thru my brain (which is very, very rare)I saw a tiger..it was not close up it was in the distance but coming towards me...then poof it was gone??? Huh???
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Ren Faire

We went to the Bristol Faire last weekend. I wasn't going to go but I found a 2-4-1 coupon online. Had a good time taking pictures, some of the shows were good. Here are a few of my favorite pics

Running away with the circus

We went to millenium park today to watch "Australian Strange Fruit" perform. Before the second show, I was watching a man set up.  I was jealous of him. Pat and I talked about going back in time, we would like to  join, traveling shows and work backstage, set up, design, paint.......The creative bug keeps stinging me.

Anyway here are a few pics from today

Feeding the Big Ugly Frog Monster


Dream Last Night, 

There was a long table, closest to me on the table were a bunch of those small fish bowls w/ those pretty beta fish in them, next was a very large container filled with very muddy water, next to that was more fish bowls.  On the table was a large container of fish food. I thought "it's been a while since I fed the fish" so I was about to feed the small pretty fish, when a huge ugly frog like monster came out of the mud, screaming to be fed. (there were sturgeon like fish coming out of the mud also). 
Anyway, I kept thowing handfuls and handfuls of food at this monster thing. 
Later in the dream Pat had thrown all of the Sturgeon fish on the floor, they were dead, but the monster thing was still alive wrapped in saran wrap. I looked at it and asked Pat to "please kill it," I wanted it to die but humanly, I also wanted him to kill it.

So easy to analyze, I keep feeding the big ugly monster, instead of the pretty fish and I want help to kill the big ugly monster.
The End
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My new addiction-Taking pictures(both of us)-posting them on Flickr-seeing how many views they get-and having people asking for them to be added to groups.
So far 3 pictures have been added to groups:


I just had dinner with my cousin, I have not seen her in over a year. I t was really nice to see her with all that has been going on lately. 
It was interesting to hear her memories and recalling events that I had forgotten. The most shocking thing she told me was that her father would not let them be alone with my dad!  Wow!
I hope that she and I, from now on will get together more often.

OH for fun
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